The periodic removal of runway rubber, which particularly arises during landing of aircrafts, is a very important issue for the airport safety. Apart from cost efficiency also the environmental compatibility has been coming into focus in the recent past.

As preferred method for the removal of rubber residues a high performance vehicle called “Airport Runway Cleaner”, working with high pressure water, is used. The proper disposal of the resulting wastewater including the solid residues is of particular importance.

Smets Technology – the leading manufacturer of airport runway cleaners from Berlin – and Reprotex – the innovative Water Recycler from Austria – presented this year for the first time a system which realises the recycling of the process water.

By means of the Reprotex Technology the wastewater gets treated and rubber and other solids as well are removed from the process water. This process enables a reuse of the water in the high-pressure pump of the cleaning vehicle.

The described method enables savings of the valuable resource water as well as a considerable reduction of logistic tours which affects the CO2 balance of the airport in a positive way.

This innovation was recently launched at the leading airport exhibition, inter airport Europe