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1602. 2021

State-of-the-art cleantech: Hydrojetting combined with mobile wastewater recycling


Next to Speyer (Germany), the largest bridge over the Rhine had to be refurbished using state-of-the-art hydrojetting (i.e. removing the concrete surface using high-pressure water). To avoid polluting the river with the toxic wastewater, our mobile wastewater recycling system came in to play. https://youtu.be/FWOh80tDzoQ   The PCB/PAH contaminated wastewater was treated by our system and weekly by the German authorities. The quality of the cleaned water was of such quality that the contractor was allowed to dispose it directly into the Rhine!

1811. 2020

New partnership for green ship-repair


The maintenance and repair of commercial ships often goes along with significant negative impacts for the environment. The problems range from particulate pollution from sand blasting to large amounts of toxic wastewater from the ship cleaning and decoating process To change this Reprotex recently announced a new partnership in China to launch a state-of-the-art green ship-repair and maintenance.

710. 2020

European Water Jetting Institut (EWJI) – Yearbook 2020


In 2013 the European Water Jetting Institute (EWJI) was founded as an European network with focus to promote the water jetting industry and its applications in Europe, towards the highest standards of safety, professional integrity and quality of service. REPROTEX has been a member from the very beginnings and has participated actively in environmental issues regarding the industry, in particular wastewater treatment. Just now the EWJI Yearbook 2020 with a range of interesting articles covering different aspects of water jetting has been launched. Therein You can find an article by REPROTEX dealing with the future of [...]

1707. 2020

Wastewater treatment in the center of Luxembourg


In one of Luxembourg's most modern districts the construction of a prestigious high-rise building is planned. Before starting the construction, however, an existing concrete foundation had to be removed using high pressure water. Due to the structural conditions in the centre of the city, the requirement was to treat the wastewater directly on site and to reuse it, ideally. Reprotex was exclusively commissioned to solve this challenging task. The specifications were ideal for our treatment plant, which reliably cleaned the wastewater (around 122 l/min) generated by the hydrodemolition robot 24 hours a [...]

2805. 2020

NEW: Sludge dewatering


REPROTEX is known as the world's only manufacturer of mobile closed-circuit water recycling plants for particle-loaded waste water. Now we are pleased to present our newest product to you: a mobile, fully automatic sludge dewatering system. This makes the complex and costly handling of wastewater on construction sites history! With the device installed in a container, up to 12 m³/h of liquid sludge can be thickened and then disposed in a big bag. An ideal supplement to our wastewater treatment device. Because with our system it is now possible to reduce the [...]

1303. 2020

Reprotex key note at the 2020 EWJI congress (Paris, France)

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Our company was one of the founding members of the "European Water Jetting Institute" in 2013. Furthermore, Reprotex is responsible for the working group "environment", where we can ideally contribute our practical knowledge. Since the subject of water treatment is becoming more and more important, not least due to the tightening of legal regulations, we had the honour and pleasure this year to hold a presentation on the subject of water recycling. The feedback on the presentation was extremely positive and the many questions we received confirmed how important the subject is [...]

403. 2020

IFAT 2020 – Munich

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Also this year we are exhibiting at the IFAT in Munich. We would be pleased about a visit at our booth (hall A4 133/232). Of course you can also simply make an appointment. Just get in touch with us.

1608. 2019

Handover new MFD_R200 to BWS Rhein-Neckar GmbH


The newest model MFD_R200 of Reprotex's mobile wastewater treatment device was handed over by head of sales Helmut Burger to project manager Roland Springer on 13.8.2019. Next application for the device will be the continuation of the refurbishment of the Salier-Bridge in Speyer. This project was even the basis for purchase decision and the investment in an own device.

1607. 2019

Pollutant remediation with Reprotex


PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) and PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are two highly toxic and long-lasting toxins that have been used in numerous building materials (such as seals, joint sealants, tar,...) for many decades in the construction industry. In one of our current projects we are confronted with PCB and PAH contaminated wastewater. Reprotex is the only cleaning system tested which, in combination with an activated carbon filter, has been proven to remove toxins and other impurities virtually completely. The water purified by our system is of such a high quality that it can [...]

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