Mobile sludge dewatering

We make sludge disposable.


The mobile sludge dewatering system is a compact and fully automated solution for thickening and disposing up to 12m³/h of liquid sludge. The system, installed in a 20′ container, separates the solids and residual water from the liquid sludge. The result is a compact sludge in landfillable/incineratable form, which can be easily disposed with the installed big bag.

The device is an ideal supplement to the mobile waste water treatment device MFD_R200, in which industrial wastewater, mainly from high-pressure operations, is cleaned in a combined and fully automated process and separated into reusable clear water and sludge.

Our new mobile Reprotex sludge dewatering system is available under the name MDD. This system is an exclusive product developed by REPROTEX on the basis of experience gained in practical applications of various customers.

MDD sludge dewatering

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Technical specification
20 ‘ LC container 6m x 2,4m x 2,6m
Weight (net) 2.000 kg
Flow rate up to 12m³/h
Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz, 2 kW
Technical specification
Operation automated
Output dewatered sludge
Sludge consistency compact
Sludge discharge Big bag

Operating principle

The periodically discharged sludge is pumped directly into the sludge dewatering system where it is applied to an inclined filter. The sludge is dewatered via an individually selectable filter fleece and automatically transported into a big bag.

The filtrate water is automatically fed to the water recycling device (MFD_R200) or to an external drain, depending on the fill level in the filtrate cup.

Sludge particles that pass into the filtrate cup are pumped back onto the filter fleece by an additional pump.


The possible applications of sludge dewatering in combination with the mobile wastewater treatment device MFD_R200 are manifold. The greatest benefit lies in applications with large volumes of wastewater and sludge.

With the MDD it is possible to reduce the sludge volume by up to 90%.

When used with high levels of contaminated wastewater – and thus the sludge – the use of the MDD reduces the disposal costs to a minimum.

Compact system configuration

The REPROTEX MDD offers space for the storage and transport of various operating materials (flocculants, flocculation aids) and other equipment.

A holder for the storage of an IBC for flocculants is mounted in the container for safe transport.

Further equipment necessary for the operation of the MFD_R200 filtration device, such as hoses and pumps, can be stored in storage spaces in the MDD so that they are safe for transport.

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