Our Vision

Efficient use of water

The use of water as working fluid for removal or cleaning work in the industry is constantly rising. Tasks as removal of concrete, de-coatings but also cleaning of the entire traffic infrastructure is handled –due to multiple technical benefits and commercial aspects – with high-pressure-water between 100 to 4000 bar. This approach produces a huge amount of wastewater and waste material, which needs to be disposed.

A mobile system, that is able to filter high-grade process wastewater directly on the spot and then re-uses the clean water in a permanent circulation: that was and still is the vision of the founder of Reprotex: Gerhard Mayerhofer.

After some years of intense research it is now our patented business model. With the Reprotex solution of a mobile system to filter high-grade process wastewater, we sustainably contribute as a company to preserve our precious drinking water and deliver at the same time the water-processing industry a contemporary and flexible solution to minimize costs.

As first and so far only company worldwide.