The maintenance and repair of commercial ships often goes along with significant negative impacts for the environment. The problems range from particulate pollution from sand blasting to large amounts of toxic wastewater from the ship cleaning and decoating process

To change this Reprotex recently announced a new partnership in China to launch a state-of-the-art green ship-repair and maintenance.


The cooperation aims to offer an ecological and economical solution to Chinese shipyards and shipowners. The innovative approach significantly reduces waste and labor in ship repair operations.


  • IMC-YY is a Zhoushan based shipyard company focused on environmentally friendly ship repair.
  • Hammelmann providing the ultra high pressure pumps as well as the automated tooling applications.
  • Our company, Reprotex, contributes the unique mobile wastewater recycling of the wastewater generated, including sludge dewatering.


What makes this process unique?

  • Safe, efficient, high quality water blasting technology for rust and paint removal.
  • Environmentally friendly collection, filtration and recycling of waste material and water.
  • High efficiency modular systems to comply to the highest level of environmental standards and economical operating cost.
Reprotex decoating